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Kaghan Valley

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Hotel Accommodation

Naran is a medium sized town situated in upper kaghan valley which is a part of Khyber Pakhtun khwa province of Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful part of northern areas in Pakistan which is elevated 2500 meters above sea level. Its beauty captures a lot of people towards itself and thus it is a famous resort for tourists and trekkers. River Kunhar passes through the town. Some hotels are situated at the banks of the river. At night you can hear the sound of water flowing and colliding with the stones. That sound gives a great pleasure. At day time Poeple enjoy fishing in river. Some peple just sit by the river and put their feet under the cool water. You will feel dark in Naran valley in afternoon because these high mountains will stops sun light to reach in the valley.

Saiful malook is a lake which is situated in the midle of mountains, which throughout the year are covered with snow. One of the renowned mountains is Malika Parbat which is placed on the left of the jheel.Saifulmalook is named after a folk tale. It is the story of the prince of Persia who fell in love with a fairy princess at the lake. The impact of the lake beauty is of such extent that people believe that fairies come down to lake in full moon. The color of water is blue and it is crystal clear. An individual cannot put his feet under it for more then 30 seconds.