UK Visa Requirement

UK Visa Requirement/ Sponsor Documents

  1. List Of Submitting Documents
  2. Sponsorship Declaration
  3. Passport Photocopy
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Job Letter/Accountant Letter
  6. Tenancy Agreement
  7. House Inspection Report
  8. Utility Bills
  9. National Insurance Card Copy Tax Documents.‚Äč

Applicants Documents

  1. Original Passport With Photocopy
  2. CNIC Original + Copy
  3. Marriage Certificates If Married FRC & Spouse CNIC Copy
  4. Form B Or Birth Certificates If Have Children
  5. Personal Bank Statement With Account Marinating Certificate
  6. Employment /Job Letter
  7. No Objection Certificates From Employer
  8. Residential And Commercial Property Documents Along With Evaluation
  9. And Other Supporting Documents
  10. Business Agreements
  11. Personal Bank Statements/ Business Bank Statements
  12. Ntn
  13. Recommendation Letter From Chamber Of Commerce
  14. Tax Return For Last  2 Years
  15. Visiting Card/ Business TT Copies
  16. Marriage Certificates Along With English Translation
  17. Personal And Wife National Id Cad Copy
  18. Children Birth Certificate
  19. Children Form B
  20. Wife And Children Passports
  21. Property Documents Along With Evaluations
  22. For Online Visa Fee/Application: