UK Requirement

UK Visa Requirement/ Sponsor Documents

  1. Sponsor Documents
    1. Sponsorship declaration.
    2. Passport photocopy.
    3. Bank Statement.
    4. Job letter/Accountant Letter.
    5. P-60, Pay slips.
    6. House inspection report.
    7. Utility bills.
    Applicant’s Documents.
    a. Original passport with the photocopy.
    b. CNIC Original + copy.
    c. Marriage certificate if married, FRC and spouse CNIC copy.
    d. Form-B or birth certificates if have children.
    e. Personal Bank statement with account maintenance certificates.
    f. Employment/Job Letter mentioned Designation, Duration and salary.
    g. No Objection Certificate from Employer.
    h. Residential and supporting documents.
    1. Business Agreement.
    2. Personal Bank Statements account maintenance certificate.
    3. Business Bank Statements account maintenance certificate.
    4. Business National Tax Number.
    5. Recommendation Letter for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
    6. Tax Returns for the last year or the last three years.
    7. Letter Pad.
    8. Visiting Card.
    9. Business, Sales and purchase invoices.
    10. Bill of Ladings if have import export business.
    11. Business T.T. copies if have import export business.
    12. Marriage Certificate along with English translation.
    13. Personal and Wife National Identity Card photocopies.
    14. Children Birth Certificates.
    15. Children form “B”.
    16. Wife and children family Registration Certificate and if have a passport so need copies.
    17. Property documents along with Evaluation. Fee/Application: