Sky Travel & Tours Company Profile:

Sky Travel & Tours   was established in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2013 as a small travel agency with a staff of only five individuals. Through an unwavering focus on delivering a high quality of service with dependable reliability, Sky Travel & Tours has grown by leaps and bounds with a significant retail client base.Today we stand as one of the best travel agent in Islamabad, Ensuring constant value for our clients

Sky Travel & Tours operate 24 hours, 7 Days a Week, Our unmatched record of round the clock services to our valuable corporate clients is substantiated by the fact that we have not closed our premises for even one hour since opening.

Sky Travel & Tours works closely with clients to fully understand their travel program goals, providing products and services that meet the needs of all sorts of corporate travelers proud to have an experienced team that has been trained and provided with access to all relevant data that allows them to service all corporate travel requirements.

As a Sky Travel & Tours customer, our clients have a dedicated team available on the phone and through email for travel consultation around the clock. Our service strongly revolves around quality control, which ensures policy compliance and data accuracy